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Advanced Settings Guide For PC & Console Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9

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In this video, I cover six advanced settings that a ton of pro players have been using recently. These settings will definitely help you guys improve, win more games, and give you an advantage in game. The six settings I talk about are colorblind modes, visual sound effects, two edit keys, scroll wheel edit reset, scroll wheel pickup, and mutli-threaded optimization. A majority of pros are using colorblind modes (deuteranope or tritanope) in game to be able to see into the storm more easily. I talk about the recent change of visual sound effects that now allow you to use it (deaf mode) while also still having the normal game sound on. The two edit key setting was originally used by Raider464 to allow you to edit much quicker than using one edit key. I show what keybinds he uses, how to use the trick and give my opinion on it. Scroll wheel edit reset is an important trick that allows you to instantly reset edited structures by using your scroll wheel. I also show what keybinds to set and what settings to enable in order to use scroll wheel edit. Scroll wheel pickup is a smart way to pick up items now as their is a bug with picking up items and hold to swap, just make sure you have tap to search/interact on. Lastly, multi-threaded optimization can potentially boost your FPS in game and I talk about what it is and why it can help when turned on. Overall, these advanced settings are the best settings I can recommend or have been asked to talk about.

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This is how the chest in Fortnite sounds. Chests in fortnite in the singleplayer or Battle Royale all sound the same. That doesn’t mean there’s only kind of chest, there’s 8 kinds of them in singleplayer and they do carry over to BR.

I’d like to end on a short note saying that in singleplayer, the blue chests, if you’re careful enough to notice that they make a goblin like noise and move as you’re trying to open them I suggest you back down from opening them as they will convert into a mimic and kill you. Mimics are very hard to kill.

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