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BANNED IN FORTNITE Fortnite Gameplay #34 iOS/Android

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BANNED IN FORTNITE – Fortnite Gameplay #34 (iOS/Android) BANNED IN FORTNITE – Fortnite Gameplay #34 (iOS/Android)

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Mad GunZ – CHEATER + NEW Skin Robot Ninja in the Battle Royale

you Wake up one morning and go feed your beloved cat, and then… the madness sets in! Where did Mr. Cat go and where did the giant armed Turkey come from? What are these strange unicorns doing here? All this and much more you have to learn in this exciting online shooter, crazy 1 person shooter with cute and strange pixel graphics.

Do you like shooting games online and pixel shooters? Then this team shooter is for you! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of crazy online shooting! Mad GunZ-representative of the classic concept of 1 person shooter, but has its own unique features!

The game is not very similar to the usual shooter online, and other shooting games online so you are not surprised. This team shooter does not teach tactics and does not set goals, in this fps shooter just kill enemies from banana or hamster, but rather give him a purse in the face.

What is Mad GunZ – 1 person shooter :

★ Not burdened with realism, but VERY beautiful pixel graphics shooting from 1 person
★ The most unimaginable weapon fps shooter Mad GunZ-beat the enemy bag with a dog, a huge candy or a magic wand. Or shoot him with the help… cat’s hair (and what can not be found among the weapons in this online shooter).
I bet you’ve never seen anything like it! What other shooting games online have such an Arsenal?
★ pixel shooter with incredible zombies, crazy roosters and angry octopuses..
★ Oh Yes! This is the first pixel shooter where you can see your feet!

…How, you still don’t want to play our shooter online? Do you think that this is another pixel shooter? Ready to bet that Mad GunZ will tighten you much more than other shooting games online, just try and

★ very simple controls of this pixel shooter
★ unique cards with Easter eggs for your favorite games and movies
★ a bunch of ridiculous and strange opponents.
★ Battle royale and 6 more awesome modes!

In the battle royale mode of our team shooter you will find a HUGE MAP and a lot of cool weapons created specifically for battle royale, rather come and show who is the coolest in this shooter from 1 person. Prove yourself and become the last survivor of our battle royale.

Come off to the full in this team shooter !

And Mad GunZ-not just shooting online, because here you will feel like a Creator! This shooter online can boast the regime of crafting cards!
What else can I tell you about this fps shooter? How often do you see 1 person shooters with a cat? We have it! No shooters, online shooters and FPS game so you have not surprised!

You can talk for a long time about the advantages of this online shooter… Why do you read so far? I’m tired of painting all the delights of the world’s best shooter from 1 person! Let’s download and play, you clearly went to the page not to read all to the last letter. Our cool pixel shooter is waiting for you!

Mr. Kotya, we’ll save you! Yes?

Halloween at Mad GunZ!
– new horribly beautiful and mysterious Halloween card!
– holiday sets of armor and guns. Hurry up and become frighteningly powerful player!
– friends system! Now you can add players to friends and chat in private chat
– updated General chat
– improved the map “House of miracles”
– optimized Battle Royale mode

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