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Comment avoir le SKULL gratuitement sur fortnite ?‍♂️ #stryzz #glitch #skull

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Il faut le faire sur téléphone car directement sur fortnite ses du fake pour cela tu doit éteindre ta plateforme et arrêter l application fortnite pour pouvoir y arriver???

Bypass Jailbreak detection iOS 13 | How to block jailbreak detection! FINALLY! A full kernel level Jailbreak detection bypass iOS 13 is out! you can NOW block Jailbreak detection from Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Mario Kart, Banking Apps, Nintendo apps, Snapchat & MORE!

Thanks to this iOS 13 Jailbreak detection bypass tweak, say goodbye to Fortnite Jailbreak detection, say goodbye to PUBG Jailbreak detection, say goodbye to SnapChat Jailbreak detection and those silly bans, say goodbye to Mario Cart jailbreak detection and those crashes while in game, say goodbye to PUBG Mobile & their jailbreak detection kicking you out of the game. Say Goodbye to Jailbreak detection FOREVER!

This Jailbreak Detection Bypass iOS 13 changes Jailbreaking. A lot of people wanted to Jailbreak iOS 13, but their favourite apps & games like Fortnite, PUBG, COD Mobile, Snapchat ETC would kick them out of the game. This Jailbreak detection bypass will block jailbreak detection in all apps can can NOT be patched by any game developer!

If you want to bypass jailbreak detection, and block apps from detecting your jailbreak, keep in mind this will ONLY work on iOS 13. if you are running iOS 12 or iOS 11, you won’t be able to use this jailbreak detection bypass.

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Showing Fortnite Jailbreak 1:45
Jailbreak Bypass tweak 2:48
Proof the bypass 6:44
How to fix all issues with the 9:38
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Apps STUCK on loading screen/not loading? Use my
Apps STILL detecting Jailbreak? Reinstall the app/s & RESTART + ReJailbreak your device

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