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Fortnite Battle Royale App Guide for Parents

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Fortnite is a very popular game that was released in 2021. There are 2 different versions of the game; Save the World and Battle Royale. Battle Royale is the version that is really popular with students.

What is Battle Royale?

— Battle Royale is a multiplayer shooting game available on console, PC, or iOS devices

–Gameplay involves a contest between many players. As many as 100 players can join in a single round

–Players fight each other until only one player is left

–At the beginning of each round, players jump out of a plane onto an island

–There are weapons and resources hidden around the island

–Players can arm themselves or use the resources they find to build a shelter for themselves

–Over the course of the game, the gameplay area shrinks so players are pushed closer together

–Players can chat with each other using headsets or text

–The reason Battle Royale is so popular with students is because silly humor is very much a part of the gameplay. Players can wear funny costumes and perform dance moves

–Friends can team up together in duo mode or squad mode

— Battle Royale is one of the first games to let players play together across most platforms. So, players on mobile can play with their friends who are playing on an Xbox

What is Save the World?

–Similar to Minecraft, the game play on Save the World emphasizes exploring and building

–The player’s objective is to stockpile resources and build shelters that will help them survive a zombie apocalypse

–In addition to building and exploring for survival, players can shoot at zombies

–Players can play with a group of friends

— Save the World is available on console and PC

Why should parents care?

–Fortnite is incredibly popular with students

–The developers add new features and play modes every week to entice people to play more

–Every month the game makes $100 million which means players are spending a lot of money on upgrades and additional features

–In addition to purchasing upgrades within the game (called Premium Battle Pass), a lot of players use 3rd party upgrades to make gameplay easier or to get certain upgrades. Some of these 3rd party upgrades have been reported as being malicious in nature

–Games can last up to 20 minutes and users typically play with strangers

–Fortnite is designed to keep players coming back which can be difficult for teens and tweens who haven’t yet developed a healthy relationship with screen time. Games like these can trigger obsessive behavior in people

–Students can come across profanity or inappropriate language from other players through text or voice chatting

–There are reports of hackers targeting Fortnite accounts to spend hundred of dollars on in-game purchases. Some players who have been hacked have been refunded the amount the hackers stole from the developers

–At the time of this video, the developers of Fortnite are suing a 14 year old player for cheating in the game and posting a video about it on YouTube

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