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Fortnite Battle Royale With Subs Live PS4 With My Bro Big Dipper

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In up to teams of four, players must survive and defend one or more control points from waves of zombie-like creatures. Missions have accelerated day-and-night cycles and may cover a period of up to fourteen days. During the day, there are no creatures, allowing players to explore the randomly-generated map, save survivors, collect resources, and use these resources to craft weapons and armor for use in combat or build defenses to protect themselves and the control point. These defenses include walls, floors, staircases, and ceilings to create fort-like structures, and traps that will trigger when creatures pass over them. Players have the option to use different building materials with different strength values, and to customize some structures for specific features, such as adding a door or a window. When night arrives, creatures will spawn in waves and attempt to attack the control point and any structure in its way. Players can use a variety of weapons to fend off the creatures and repair damage to their fort structure. Missions typically have several objectives, some of which require the players to locate special goo balls around the map and bring them to an objective to end the mission or trigger the next part of it. Players may also complete optional objectives within these missions, such as finishing the mission in a limited number of in-game days or with a limited number of defensive structures. If these objectives are met, the players are given additional rewards at the end of the mission.

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