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Hi, in this video you can learn how to do a Fortnite Mobile Hack. This tool can generate fortnite v-bucks ingame.

How does this work?
The Fortnite Mobile tool works for both iOS and some of Android devices which game is available for. It uses a multipath exploit on the epicgames servers

This is not an aimbot glitch, I am strictly against that and game should be fair for everyone. This is just a fortnite vbucks generator which you can use to buy skins or packages.

If you want to improve in fortnite mobile here are some basic

– Find a familiar location you like and use it at the start of the game. The battlebus moves in different direction, however if you find a spot you like you can still reach it.
– You need to be familiar with the whole map. This is crucial if you want to navigate around. Knowing high grounds and spots to hide is important.
– Learn to shoot while moving. For any fortnite mobile player this skill is essentail. It is definetely okay to stand still and shoot, because it gives best accuracy. But you find find a balance between moving and shooting in the game will you be unbeatable as enemy cannot shoot you back.

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