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Teaser Analysis
No Sweat Insurance (NSI) Poster 1 features an image of a house being lifted over a large body of water with a life-ring, remaining fence left in the water. The teaser confirmed that any houses that were insured by No Sweat Insurance were protected by the flooding.
NSI Poster 2 features an image of Meowscles waist-deep in water and wearing arm floaties and a pair of shorts. There was no new skin or style for Meowscles, however a new skin related was added, Kit.
NSI Poster 3 features an image of a shark beneath Peely, swimming on the surface of water. The teaser confirmed that sharks would be entering the game.
The leaked PlayStation pre-cover was joked around by some to be a secret hint to a Spongebob crossover, since the shape of the background island is similar to one often seen with Spongebob.
The first pair of featured images show some type of lens focused on a trident over water. The numbers 0203 are shown multiple times along each image, which represent Chapter 2 Season 3. The teaser confirmed the idea of Aquaman as a skin. However, the trident has no other reference in game, but may soon become a new weapon or harvesting tool.
The second pair of images show the similar lens focused on what is a small image of the moon in front of an astronaut outfit. The numbers 0203 are show consistently along the images. The teaser confirmed a new astronaut skin, Siona, and the Mini Moon was her back bling.
The third pair of featured teasers show another lens focus, now on some sort of new POI. The number set 0203 is still in the images. The teaser was confirmed to be a new named location, called The Fortilla.
The fourth pair of featured teasers show one seemingly last lens focus on a small Meowscles on the handle of what appeared to be a bike. However, the teaser showed a new outfit called Kit, a small cat controlling a robot that can turn into a vehicle.
Teasers 6 and 8 could be lined up together and reveal more of The Fortilla.
The ninth and final teaser shows an image of all the previous teasers shown around a metal owl. This suggests that the owl is what took the pictures of the teasers. The owl turned out to be a Pet called Ohm.
Battle Pass
Main Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 3
The Battle Pass for Season 3 costs 950 V-Bucks, and is a way to earn exclusive rewards during the season by earning XP and increasing your level. The rewards included in the Battle Pass Outfits, Gliders, Wraps, Harvesting Tools, Back Blings, Emotes, Sprays, Contrails, Music, Loading Screens and more.

Main Chapter 2 Season 3 Weekly Challenges, Aquaman Challenges
With Chapter 2 Season 3, Weekly Challenges will become available within every week of the season. The challenges, as it says, are unlocked around every week. By completing them, large amounts of XP are rewarded, and the more challenges that are completed, the more requirements can be met to unlock other styles for Battle Pass outfits. All Weekly Challenges are available until the season ends.

Similar to Chapter 2 Season 2, challenges still exist in the Battle Pass tab, changed from a spy headquarters to a personal fortilla. Most of the challenges, besides style challenges, are still available through the challenge table, labelled Map Challenges. When a challenge must be completed, the hologram on the Challenge Table will hold the information. When a location is listed to a specific location, a number will be placed at that location based on how many challenges are required to be completed there. Challenges also include unique icons, such as a chest, explosion, exclamation point, and multiple others. When areas on the map are gray or labeled as ???, it means that there are a new locations there or the old locations have changed significantly.

In addition to Weekly Challenges, other unique challenges will become available as the season progresses. Similar to last season, Aquaman is now the special skin for the season and has special challenges, called the Aquaman Challenges, to complete and unlock Aquaman. As well as the Aquaman Challenges, a set of other challenges will become available, set to unlock styles to choose for the Brella, which can be fully customized with multiple options. These challenges are available until the season ends.

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