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GUNS ROYALE PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for MOBILE 1st Look iOS / Android Gameplay

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GUNS ROYALE ! PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for MOBILE (1st Look iOS / Android Gameplay)
Start with nothing. Find gear and weapons. Outwit. Outplay. Be the lone survivor of the Battle Royale!

BATTLE online opponents in the new open arena game Guns Royale! Both PvP and PvE gameplay available! Play this new survival shooter game and enjoy hours of fun!

Race to collect new guns and level-up as quickly as possible to dominate your competition. Take on each opponent and compete for #1! Choose your weapons wisely, battle till you can’t stand and dominate the arena!
What are you waiting for? Grab your gun and get shooting!

Guns Royale
• Battle Online Players
• Addicting survival shooter that’s easy to learn, but hard to master.
• Jump into online battles against other players!
• PVP gameplay against players around the world!

Collect All the Guns
• Search the ground for special guns and other weapons!
• Keep collecting to have an advantage over other players.

Block-style Graphics & Characters
• Simple block-style graphics great for intense battle!
• Collect gear to customize your characters.
• Unlock new, hilarious block characters and show your style of gameplay.

Guns Royale ain’t no game of Go Fish! This game is about guns, guns and bigger guns! Take the battle to the blocky online arena where you’ll search and collect more guns and items! Earn more Experience Points in PVP battles and rise to the top of the block battleground! Grab your gun, find more guns and gear, and get shooting! BATTLE against online players in this survival shooter!

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