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How to create a Battle Royale Map with CUSTOM TERRAIN in Fortnite

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This video will break down step by step how to build a Battle Royale Map (Mini BR) in Fortnite Chapter 2. I wanted to make sure I covered a lot of the detail that gets overlooked. Feel free to reach out below in the comments with any questions. Click “Show More” for more detail…

Before you begin please feel free to check out the completed version of my Battle Royale Map.
DirectingPete’s Battle 3839-8711-9875

Creating a Battle Royale Map Tutorial Chapters
Do your homework 1:30
Creating a new Kevin Floating 2:00
Marking the Center Point of the 2:54
Picking the right terrain for your 3:30 ( Terrain)
IMPORTANT Memory Management 3:51 to 5:15
Quick Tip for Time of Day 5:16 (My Island | Settings | Time of Day)
IMPORTANT Terrain Placement 5:35 to 7:32
Don’t make the same major mistake I 6:15
The PERFECT 6:47 (Indestructible gallery)
Let’s start building Terrain!: 7:33
Start small and Build out 8:13
Placing a wedge to lay the grass 9:00 (Brown Cliff Grass Gallery | Use grid Snap 16)
Placing the 9:20 (Indestructible gallery)
The Copy and Paste 9:42
IMPORTANT Backing up your 10:19
Creating Terrain 11:05
Adding Rocks to make the Map look more 13:05 (Variant Rock Gallery)
Chosing a prefab that inspires 13:52
IMPORTANT Building a dirt floor to block people from 14:37 (Brown Cliff Cave Gallery)
Copy and Paste Elements you like from 16:27
Adding Chests and Ammo crates 16:46 ( Chest & Ammo Gallery)
Adding Mats for people to 17:21 ( Craggy Cliff Prop Gallery)
Adding an Advanced Storm Controller using default 17:35 ( Advanced Storm Controller)
Adding Advanced Storm Controllers and Beacons with Advanced 17:54 ( Advanced Storm Controller & Advanced Storm Beacon)
Advanced Storm 18:11
Battle Royale Game 19:28
Adding Player 20:49 ( Player Spawns)

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