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How to Download and Setup FORTNITE Free Windows 10/8/7

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Learn how to download, install and set up the Fortnite Battle Royale game on your Windows PC computer running Windows 10/8/7. We’ll guide you through the installation and setup process to start playing Fortnite for free!

To download Fortnite for free, open your browser and go to The download of the Epic Games Installer should start automatically. If you don’t see the download already in progress, click Windows to begin the download. ,Click on the download at the bottom of your browser window to launch the installer. Follow the instructions presented to complete the installation.
If you don’t have an Epic Games account yet, you can sign up for one now. If you have an account already, log in to your account.
Click Install. Click the check box to agree to the terms of service. Then click Accept. To begin installing, click Install.
When the installation is complete, click Launch. To automatically apply the optimal settings for your system, click Confirm. Then click Battle Royale. Using the tabs at the top of your screen, you can see more information about the game, your progress, and the items you have. You can also purchase items to customize your character in the item shop, or purchase Fortnite game credits called V-bucks in the Fortnite store. When you’re ready to start playing Fortnite, click Play in the bottom right corner to enter the game.

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