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The harvesting of resources is done with your pickaxe, you have to break trees, crates, chairs, roofs, walls in order to get wood, metal and brick. You can find in houses, towers, banks, cemeteries and other buildings firearms, ammunition, traps, shield potions, and bandages to treat yourself in case of emergencies. Also check under rooms, on upper floors, roofs and basements of buildings. Sometimes you may find hidden items or chests containing extremely rare and powerful weapons that can guarantee you victory. Caves are especially known to have great loot. Then wander around the map and hunt for the remaining survivors. Survivors found and eliminated give experience to your hero. Don’t spend too much time collecting materials because the time is running out and you could die quickly because of the storm! You will be able to restart a game if you want to play again afterwards.

Construction is an important mechanic that only Fortnite has been able to implement correctly in a royal battle. Use this mechanic sparingly because your resources are limited, however it is used to help you win, so never hesitate to waste your resources in dangerous situations. Building walls of stone or metal will give you better protection but also a slower construction time which could lead you to die faster. Also sometimes look at the ends of the map because other survivors tend to get off the battle bus instead.

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