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Hey, what’s up guys? Today I’ll show you how to get FREE V Bucks using this Fortnite V-Bucks Generator / Hack that I’ve just updated!


This update adds Season 5 functionality to our Fortnite Glitch Method.
This is the ONLY working & easiest way to get free V Bucks. This Fortnite Hack / Generator is the only one that can provide up to 10k free V Bucks and is 100% safe.

It works for ALL platforms including Mobile and now for Season 5! (PC, PS4, IOS, XBOX One, and SWITCH)??

If you are asking how to generate or get Free Vbucks, then this is the only way. Stop wasting your time with the other free V Bucks generators! They are either outdated or just fake! My Fortnite hack is THE ONLY ONE on Youtube that WORKS for all platforms and all seasons! Don’t believe me? Watch the entire video and at the end you will see me getting my free V Bucks on Season 5!

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