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Like the majority of online games, Fortnite does not allow you to use actual money to buy v bucks. You need to earn V-Bucks, you can purchase them or unlock them, to buy skins, harvesting tools, and other cosmetics items. How do you get free VBucks in Fortnite?

Epic Games doesn’t offer a lot of free ways to get V-Bucks, they actually want you to spend money on its free-to-play battle royale. You’ll need to spend a lot of time in-game if you want to save up enough to afford 1,500 V-Buck skin ($15), let alone more than one without spending much real cash. Here are some tips to make your time building, shooting, and gliding as monetizable as possible.

Now that Fortnite is a global sensation, many dishonest players are trying to take advantage of players that are looking to buy some new in-game gear. There are dozens of sites, YouTube videos, and posts on social media that promise free V-Bucks. Every single one of these are fake.

Whatever happens do not provide account, personal, or credit card info to any site or person even if they say they are from Epic Games (they will never request personal information for something like this). Be extra cautious around any offer like that since no legitimate way to earn free V-Bucks outside the game or through glitches exists.

Earning V-Bucks naturally is a tough ask since you’ll need to play for dozens of hours before you’re able to a?ord a 1,500 V-Buck item. Don’t get discouraged if you see that as a big roadblock ahead of you, earning that ?ashy glider will feel far better than throwing down $10 for it will.

Battle Royale comes with two di?erent types of battle passes, one that costs $9.99 for a number of unlockables and a free one that every player gets. Both contain a handful of V-Bucks as a reward, although they’ll take a lot of time to unlock. Each battle pass lasts around ten weeks before a new one begins.

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Save the World is the original cooperative game mode that Fortnite launched as before finally turning into the battle royale juggernaut it is today. In it, you fight zombies for as long as you can, either alone or among friends, in survival where you build and shoot until you getoverwhelmed.

The issue is that Save the World isn’t free despite Epic Game’s promises to make it free-to play. You’ll have to purchase the game mode in one of the several packages it comes with, starting at $39.99 on most storefronts including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Save the World is not available on Nintendo Switch and Epic has said they have no plans to bring it to Nintendo’s console. Keep an eye out for when Save the World becomes free-to-play.
Save the World rewards are much better than the ones in the battle royale and can help you save up faster over time. Here are a few things you can do once you have a copy of the

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