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In this video I am showing you the JOHN WICK SKIN In Battle Royale for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch & Mobile Devices [IOS + Android] in 2019. This NEW John Wick Event will give you FREE REWARDS such as a Glider, Wrap, Back Bling and XP! Complete the John Wicks Bounty LTM Challenges in Fortnite SEASON 9! This is NOT a Fortnite Glitch, Hack or Cheat. Enjoy the Free Items!

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The purpose of this video is not to encourage viewers to try and use this glitch like i mentioned towards the end of the video. my only motive is to let my viewers know about this glitch in fortnite battle royale that shows how someone using this bug can actually get the hang time bundle in fortnite battle royale for absolutely free.

The in-game gear comes as part of the new Hang Time Bundle and includes two outfits featuring Jordan gear. The outfits, called Grind and Clutch, both feature a red and black color scheme with the Jumpman logo. Of course, the centerpiece of any good Jordan skin would be the sneakers. Both come with Air Jordan Is that can be be changed to a variety of alternate color styles. The skins also have an exclusive challenge pack associated with them, used to unlock new color variants.

Along with these two skins, this collaboration is also bringing players a brand new game mode. The mode is called Downtown Drop by Jordan and it was specially designed for this crossover event by Creative mode artists NotNellaf and Tollmolia. The mode focuses on skateboarding and has players jumping and doing tricks around a custom map to collect coins. To go with the skateboarding theme there is also a new skateboard Back Bling with nine different style options. It can be unlocked by completing challenges in the new game mode.

While this is the first specific clothing brand partnership that Fortnite has had, it isn’t the first time the game has featured licensed products and skins in game. Just last week Epic released a John Wick skin and game mode. Two weeks ago Marvel and Epic teamed up for the Endgame mode. And last year, the developer partnered with the NFL to release skins for each of the National Football League’s 32 teams.

The Hang Time bundle is available in game for 1,800 V-Bucks but will rotate out of the shop in the near future just like the game’s other skins. It’s still unclear how long the skateboarding mode will stick around, but a week or two is usually a safe bet.

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