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How To SELL/REFUND Items & Skins In Fortnite Battle Royale For V BUCKS

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With the new V3.6 update in fortnite battle royale you can now sell some of your cosmetic items for the FULL amount of v bucks you used to buy them! Here are some tips and tricks to MAXIMISE the vbucks you get!
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Some people for some reason got annoyed at my giveaways so this is for their sake… OBVIOUSLY you can’t literally give v bucks yet so I’ll just give you (or a parent I don’t mind) the money on PayPal, if that doesn’t work then a gift card for your console, I’ll find a way don’t worry, enjoy!

This 3.6 update introduces the new clinger sticky grenade (basically a semtex) and the ability to refund/sell your skins in fortnite battle royale for v bucks! This is awesome as most of us will have made a purchase that we regret and we are able to get 100% of the v bucks we spent on it back! Here are my tips, tricks and recommendations for making the most profit from your refunds/sales as you can only sell 3 items! Leave a like if you enjoyed!

Fortnite Hack – How To Get Free V Bucks – Hack V Bucks In Fortnite (PS4/PC/iOS/XBOX)

Hi all! In this video you are going to see how to hack Fortnite and add unlimited V Bucks to your account using Fortnite cheats. But first of all enter this game and check the amount of resources that you have right now. Ok, I have open it also, as you can see now I have 0 V Bucks.

What’s amazing about this particular v bucks hack, is that it works on all platforms, including Ps4, Xbox One, pc, and iOS. As you see here, I am currently playing Fornite Battle Royale on my ipad and this is what makes this Fortnite Hack unique. By using this tool, you will be able to get advantage of your opponents by not having to buy v bucks and getting a lot more than they could ever get.

Now let’s close the game and open a mobile web browser. Now we are going to enter this site with Fortnite hack. You can find the link in the comments below or in the video. Now first step is to enter your ingame username or email and choose your device then connect to the Fortnite hack online server. After that select the amount of V Bucks you want and click proceed. The next step and most important one is verification for Fortnite Battle Royale and for that you need to install two random apps and play them for 30 seconds each. So guys let’s install Fortnite hack online two apps and play them both for around 30 seconds or maybe a little bit more to let the server succesfully verify that you are human. Now open Fortnite. Remember, sometimes it doesn’t work with one application, you need to go back and try another app. Ok friends I think I played enough, now let’s close it and enter game and let’s see if the unlimited V Bucks are added to my account.

To apply this fortnite hack for free v bucks,follow my instructions which i did with voice, if you really want free v bucks then its important to see whole video,i have shown proof in the end how i got free v bucks using this same process.

This Fortnite hack works PC, PS4, iOS and Xbox One. I’ve tested it an all of them! As you probably know, the other free v bucks hacks don’t work anymore because Epic Games updated the game on Season 4. But this one works PERFECTLY, as you will see at the end of this video!

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