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I FINALLY GOT IT!!! | Fortnite Save the World PvE Upgrade to Founder’s Ultimate Edition

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I FINALLY GOT IT!!! | Fortnite Save the World PvE Upgrade to Founder's Ultimate Edition

So I finally did the Upgrade to Founder’s Ultimate Edition. Here we OPEN EVERYTHING YOU GET with the upgraded Founders Edition!!! New Heroes, new Traps, new weapons – including a NOCTURNO with SCHEMATIC!

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So what is in the Fortnite Save the World Ultimate Founder’s Edition? Fortnite STW is PVE (Player vs Environment) team based co-op game or multiplayer game that sees you lead survivor squads against invading husks. You need to try and gather, craft and collect legendary weapons as well as recruit legendary heroes and mythic heroes too. My videos often look at things like how to get more event gold, how to get the best weapons, and who is the best hero in the game. I often look at what does the most damage or has the highest damage in in the game.
You can pick up a legendary hero or mythic hero in the Epic Games Event Store or you may get lucky and find one in a Loot Llama opening.
Epic Games deliver regular Fortnite Save the World updates to the game and there is pretty much always a new event (with a specific themed store) up and running. The game is an excellent non-conventional FPS RPG. The other version of this game is Fortnite Battle Royale which is a critically acclaimed PVP game.
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