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Minecraft Bedrock Edition Switch Online Hacking #6 Battle Royale

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Here we are, back, with some new texture edits and a cool custom text on the screen! I’ve been doing a lot of stuff. You can also see I edited and made my own X-Ray texture pack because I play Survival Mode a lot in Lifeboat, my friend and I got rich various times in different survival ‘sections’ (There are different “matches”) because I got a lot of diamonds and we became rich.

Just a random Battle Royale match, my game froze at the end for some reason 🙁

Still cannot find the issue of my capture card on my computer, so there’s going to be fewer videos on the channel, I’m using my father’s computer to record.

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0:00 Enabling X-Ray
0:12 Going to Lifeboat
0:59 Enabling hacks
1:26 Selecting minigame
1:48 Rejoining the server
2:38 Hub
3:02 Battle Royale Waiting
3:20 Battle Royale Match
11:31 Battle Royale End (Game Froze)

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