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NEVER KILL JOHN WICK’S DOG – A Fortnite Short Film

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Additional voices by:
• Abigail Turner –
• Ryan Stewart –
• Ariel Hack –

Thanks to the puppeteers!

Raptor runs along through Pleasant Park singing Raptor’s song to his pet Camo. But wait, someone appears to be following him. It’s John Wick! He hides in a bush and gets the jump on Raptor. John Wick tells Raptor that he unfortunately has to kill him because Dusk has a hold of him. John Wick decides that instead of killing Raptor they should fake his death.

The next day, on the news, Raptor is reported as dead by his quad crasher crashing into a wall. Love Ranger hands over the news to Moisty Merman with the weather. John Wick and Raptor aka Havoc watch as the news story unfolds. John Wick tells Raptor he can’t speak to anyone he’s ever known ever again. The only people he talked to was Moisty Merman and Sledgehammer anyway. John Wick runs off to go pet his doggy dog pet Daisy.

John Wick finds his dog dead. Never kill John Wick’s dog. Some Little lizard must have pulled this stunt. Some slimy little lizard. Dusk calls John Wick and tells him that she is the one who killed his dog. Not cool man. Dusk takes all the credit for the kill and gives him grief. John Wick swears vengeance on the vampire.

John Wick shows up to the club where a bunch of vampires like to hang out during the night. Backbone lets John Wick in and fails to have a backbone. Get it, backbone? He goes inside and kills a ton of vampires but for some reason decides to spare Sanctum. He goes outside and chases Dusk onto the roof and kills her with his pencil pickaxe. Dusk is banished into the shadow realm and John Wick earns vengeance for his poor little doggy dog Daisy.

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Anthony Padilla as Himself
Ian Hecox as Himself
Rob Dyrdek as Himself
Ryan Manuel as Aiden Pierce
Lazarus Guidry as Buff Action Guy

The Bad Guys:
(#1)Tip Scarry, (#2)Tanner Thomason,
(#3)Bryan Jackson, and (#4)Nicco Annan

Written by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Finnerty
Produced & Directed by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Todd
Produced by Ricky Lloyd George | Line Producer: Phil Rogers

Post Supervision by: Ian Hecox, Ryan Finnerty, & Michael Gallagher
Edited by: Anthony Padilla & Michael Barryte
Visual Effects by: John Brown

AD: Jonathan Southard | PM: Ben Montague
Post Production Coordinator: Amanda Arellano
Prod Coord: Brendan Kennedy & Molly Matthews
Set PA/Cargo Van: Coltyn Seifert & Ben Prevost
Set PA: Teru McDonald | Set PA/Pass Van: Jon Burgess

DP: John Alexander Jimenez | 2nd Camera: Ian Webb
1st AC: Austin Harris | 2nd AC: Ivan Harder & Cody Preston Troxell
DIT: Joe Obering | Behind The Scenes: Phil Mohr

Sound Mixers: Josh Bissett & Marco Mejia

Gaffer: Chris Walters | Best Boy Electric: Tyler William Johnson
Swing Electric/Grip: Jason Klinger

Production Designer: Ryan Puckett | Art Director: Jon Bell

Make-up Artist: Joanna Klein | Costume Designer: Jocelyn Fizia

Stunt Coordinator: Ben Hoffman | Set Medic: Mike Wright

ITC Officers: Arturo R. Gomez & Mike Graham

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