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UNDETECTED – (20-05-2018)
USA DATE: (05-20-2018)
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I get the error message/incorrect work: (perhaps you have not installed – Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0)
For proper operation of the program requires: (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0)
Download link to official website:…

I have not worked a cheat, my antivirus isn’t giving it start. Why is this happening? What to do? Why Hacks show up as virus sometimes!
Cheats are often falsely detected as malware because they are manipulating another process, are encrypted and execute code in other processes or even do weird things such as hiding traces to circumvent detection from an anti cheat.
Your virus scanner sees that behaviour and thus thinks it is malware, because some malware works the same way.

There are 3 solutions to this problem:
1: Send ce to your av vendor and tell them to remove the detection and wait a few years till they do it…
2: Uninstall your anti virus
3: If your AV supports it: Add ce to the ignore list

How to use:
* Start Fortnite game
* Join a game
* Run cheat and click refresh button
* Enjoy the game

Please keep in mind that you download the hack on your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage caused by your wrong usage of the downloaded files. #Fortnite #cheat

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