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Top 10 Offline Battle Royale Games Android/iOS 2018 | Offline games like PUBG and Fortnite 2018

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Hey guys, this is Anirudh with a new video
I am back with 10 New Offline Battle Royale Games for Android and iOS. I am not that sure whether these Games are available for iOS but am damn sure that these all games are available in Google play store . So without any hassle or Internet problems, you can play all these exciting battle royale games on your mobile device . And the best games are always at the end..
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This Video is Requested by Omir Khan
Download links are given below??
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Download links for the games shown in this video??
Download Links :
All the Games are Available in Google Play
Only some of these Games are available for iOS
(Sorry for not posting links this time , as I am busy for the giveaway contest )
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