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➤ Last Survival is an action game shot in first-person. Openly inspired by Players Unknown Battlegrounds, here you’re facing off in a 32 man Battle Royale on an island, armed to the teeth with weapons and live ammo. Your aim?
Fight your way to victory and be the last man standing.

➤ Battle royale games are here to stay. Established blockbusters like Fortnite and PUBG have been joined by Apex Legends, Call of Warzone, and dozens of other battle royale games over the past several years, and there are plenty more on the way.

➤ is a fun online action game, where you’ll have to hack away at all of the players that you cross paths with. The more opponents that you’re able to eliminate before they get to you first, the more points you’ll earn.

➤ Blood Rivals is a first-person battle royale where you have to try to kill all your rivals and make it out as the sole survivor. To do it you use an enormous arsenal of pistols, knives, shotguns, axes, and assault rifles. And all in 10-minutes rounds.

➤ FightNight Battle fight for your life in the dead zone!
A dynamic battle royale PvP shooter! Drop in from the helicopter, loot up and start fighting! Waiting around isn’t an the battlefield is constantly closing in at your heels. So grab a weapon and get fragging!

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