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The Strat Roulette series inside of rainbow six siege is back on the channel! I and 4 other friends team up to do Strat Roulette together in Rainbow Six Siege and the outcome is quite suprising! Not to spoil it, but I got an ACE in Strat Roulette aswell as a couple of 4K’s!
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What is Strat roulette?
Strat Roulette in Rainbow Six Siege is a fun game mode where you team up with 4 of your friends to do weird but fun strats using online strat generators or ones you come up with your own creativity.
Some of the really fun StratRoulette strats sounds like: Knife Only, Shield on your back and revolver in your hand, all recruits with certain loadouts and etc.

What is Rainbow Six Siege?
Rainbow six siege or R6S is a tactical first person shooter where you play as one of the special rainbow six siege characters and team up with 4 other people to take on a 5 man team. What makes this game so special is the one hit headshot kill that forces you to play tactically. Also the amount of destructible walls, different gadgets and fresh new content the game gets every season keeps the game fun and makes each round you play feel unique!

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